Zen and the Art of Celtic Knots

I spent a lot of time drawing Celtic Knots this summer, in a little journal.  It helped me meditate, as it were.  And it’s been a while.  But the journal was here, lunch time was here, and my embroidery was a 10 minute drive away.

I have been reading about Fresnel lenses, and wondered what would happen if I started similar structures in a knot.  This first knot is still fairly straightforward, and I already have several ideas on how I can expand/improve it for the next version.  So let’s look at the in-progress pictures where I’m using the method described in the Celtic Knots Class Handout.

Basic skeleton
Basic skeleton drawn in pencil on graphic paper.
Added dots
Adding dots in the center of every square.
Added ribbons in one direction
Adding ribbons in one direction; each ribbon has two sides that each go from a point in the center of a square to a corner square.
Added ribbons in second direction
Adding ribbons in the second direction.
Begin inking the ribbons
Now that all the ribbons have been penciled in, I begin inking the ribbons, and now I follow one ribbon around the knot at a time.