Adventures in Tapestry Weaving

So one of the things I got my hands on last year was a tapestry loom, from Schacht.  It’s currently sitting assembled in my office, and I am hoping to warp it this afternoon.   Right after I can find te wool I want to use as weft; I have some really nice embroidery wool samples that I want to play with.

But meanwhile I had been thinking and thinking about the continuous warp.  The warping instructions from Schacht are available at Tapestry Loom Manual but I was struggling to make sense of how the warp was advanced (since it’s a continuous loop).  But a bit more digging found me this excellent article which provided the A-HA moment I needed.  The key point is that after the warping is complete, the warping bar is essentially free floating because it’s held in place by the tension of the warp.

So hopefully I can warp the loom up this afternoon, and then I want to try knitting heddles as described by Laverne Waddington in her tutorial at It’s also possible to make fixed length reusable heddles, as in inkle weaving, but … we’re experimenting.