Kingdom A&S 2016 – A “How To Paper”

I didn’t compete for champion in this year’s Kingdom Arts and Sciences championship in Gleann Abhann, which happened this past weekend, but I did enter a somewhat tongue-in-cheek “How To” paper, in which my husband and I discussed the process of choosing an item to enter for competition.

The assumption in this case was that we would choose the item first, and then make it; quite often I am tempted, once I have made an object, to enter the said object in a judged Arts and Sciences competition afterwards, which means that I need to “reverse document” what I did. In all honesty, choosing an item to make first is much easier; this way you have an opportunity to take in-progress pictures, and to adjust your project based on the criteria and guidelines of the competition.

So this is the paper my husband and I wrote:  How to Choose and Entry

Kingdom Arts & sciences Championship 2015 – The Final Post

Having returned home from the championship, I had a blast.  I enjoyed entering, I enjoyed judging other entries, I enjoyed geeking out with fellow artisans …

And since I am human, I enjoyed winning.

But my very favourite comment was from a lady who had judged my research paper, and who had enjoyed the paper so much she asked for permission to share it with her daughter.  Mission to make a paper about math accessible to non-mathies accomplished!

Documentation Uploaded

So the documentation is as complete as it is going to be, and is uploaded to the Projects Page.  Next step is packing up, and getting ready to move on out.

This is a bittersweet championship.  I just don’t see the point in entering any more.  What did me in was having to change my documentation up when the new category criteria and guidelines were posted on Tuesday, for the competition on Saturday.

Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship, 2015

Next Saturday, 19 Sept 2015, Gleann Abhann will host its tenth annual Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship (and will be celebrating 10 years as a Kingdom, to boot), and I have been working feverishly to get all the entries together.


As of last night I have finished (not counting documentation):

  1. The research paper on mathematical textbooks and bookkeeping
  2. Tabletwoven seal tags based on seal tags circa 1200
  3. An alms pouch, embroidered with an original design based on my personal heraldry

In progress is a meditation journal; I’ve taught the drawing of Celtic Knots before, and started creating a journal of knots and their skeleton structures so that students can see some possible knots and can use the skeleton structures to recreate those same knots.


Dixie Weaver will also be at the event, ready to sell silk, books, and other sundries.