Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship, 2015

Next Saturday, 19 Sept 2015, Gleann Abhann will host its tenth annual Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship (and will be celebrating 10 years as a Kingdom, to boot), and I have been working feverishly to get all the entries together.


As of last night I have finished (not counting documentation):

  1. The research paper on mathematical textbooks and bookkeeping
  2. Tabletwoven seal tags based on seal tags circa 1200
  3. An alms pouch, embroidered with an original design based on my personal heraldry

In progress is a meditation journal; I’ve taught the drawing of Celtic Knots before, and started creating a journal of knots and their skeleton structures so that students can see some possible knots and can use the skeleton structures to recreate those same knots.


Dixie Weaver will also be at the event, ready to sell silk, books, and other sundries.