Folding a Christmas Wreath

This past week I was seized by the inexplicable need to make Christmas Decorations.  Or perhaps you could say that Christmas was my excuse for folding 144 identical modules (12 modules per cube, 12 cubes …) and combining those cubes into a wreath.

In Progress (1/3) Modular Wreath

We began with some experimentation.  Folding a few cubes, and making sure that they could interlock, and more importantly, that interlocking them would allow for the curvature needed to make the full wreath.

The green on these cubes is subtle; I was using patterned paper with the four corners tinted, graduating to much paler tints in the center.  You can see the box in the background in the second picture.

In Progress (2/3) Modular WreathEight cubes folder, and a very satisfactory curvature.  Plus making the cubes stand and slither was fun.  I could easily see myself folding a long line of cubes and then just dangling them and waving them about.  The cubes are amazingly resistant to abuse, although when Molly the white demon dog got her teeth on the ninth cube the slobber killed it.

In Progress (3/3) Modular Wreath

Now in the home stretch; the red modules have been counted and partially folded, and we were off to the races.

Completed Modular Wreath

Finally the finished wreath, balanced on the box the paper came in.  And I still have 1024 – 144 = 880 sheets left for more shenanigans.


It’s possible we may be putting up a tree this year.