Valkyrie Christmas

Valkyrie Holy Night

Tune: O Holy Night
Lyrics: Eowyn de Wever

Oh holy night, We hear Valkyrie voices,
The sun has set, now the slain shall rise.
Long was the war, the battles fiercely raging,
From dawn to dusk we fought with glorious joy.
Come now the night,
The Valkyries are calling,
Valhalla is waiting,
The mead is set to flow.

Oh come, oh come, oh come to Odin’s Hall.

Long shall we feast, the mead now everflowing,
By day we train for Ragnarok.
Once foes we were, now brothers and united,
We train as one, And long to face our foe!
Lead us, oh Tyrr,
The Horn of Heimdal’s calling,
The Giants are raging,
When comes the Final War!

Rise up, march forth, march forth to Ragnarok!